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Beach & MArine Facilities

The service we offer to our clients in this area covers the whole package to create, protect and maintain a beach or marine recreation facility.  From regular beach cleaning, installation of marinas and swimming enclosures and supply of lifeguard facilities, our approach is to look at each property, its clientele and the owner/operator’s needs as a whole and determine the best solution and package to meet those needs.

Our clients are owners and operators of private beach clubs, hotel beaches, marine clubs, marina facilities and private residences. They contract us either on a full service basis to create and maintain their beaches and marina areas, or on a job-by-job basis for specific services.

Our Services

  • Beach maintenance: from beach cleaning and supply of high quality beach sand to higher level beach profiling and erosion protection.
  • Marinas and berthing: jetties, pontoons and berthing for jetskis, small boats and mega yachts.  Floating platforms for swimmers.
  • Artificial reefs:  Dive reefs and snorkel trails.
  • Marine barriers: swimming enclosures, fish and jellyfish nets, debris barriers and boat demarcation barriers.
  • Safety navigation: buoys, solar marine lights, signage.
  • Lifeguard facilities: chairs, cabins, rescue products.
  • Special Events: temporary berthing and marinas, fireworks pontoons, inflatable waterparks, marine transport.
  • Coastal protection: design & construction of rock, gabion or geotube beach protection such as breakwaters, groynes, submerged reefs.


Please contact us for further assistance or to discuss your individual requirements.

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Recreation Barriers


Ecobarrier is the range of marine barriers developed by Ecocoast to answer the growing demand for high quality, durable marine barriers locally.  

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We provide design and construction services across the marina and boating facilities sector.  We specialise in designing and installing facilities for all marine craft from Megayachts and Superyachts to Fishing Boats, Recreational Boats, Jet Skis and Commercial Vessels:

  • Marinas
  • Berths
  • Jetties
  • Pontoons
  • Mooring
  • Overwater Facilities
  • Boardwalks
  • Barge Ramps
  • Piling works

The service we offer to our clients in this area covers the whole package, beyond just marina design and construction.  We also carry out repair and maintenance work.

In addition, we conduct hydrographic surveys to accurately plot navigation channels for safe passage of vessels into marinas and shallow areas, and conduct dredging works to deepen berths or widen waterways.  We also conduct feasibility studies and integrated coastal management studies, incorporating all coastal elements from marinas to beaches.


We regularly design and construct temporary pontoons, berths and facilities for boat shows and special events.  Our work in the Special Events area also includes installation of fireworks barges and pontoons and mooring of Mega Yachts and other large vessels.

Beach Cleaning & MAINTENANCE

Beach cleaning presents an efficient means of maintaining a safe and high quality beach, play, sporting and other leisure area.  Rocks, sharp shells, broken glass and other debris can present a serious hazard, not to mention create an unsightly beach.  Regular beach cleaning can make a vast difference to the aesthetics of a beach that has poor quality sand and/or small erosion scarps.

We have a range of beach cleaning equipment available for hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  We can advise on the most cost-effective equipment, duration and methodology based on the beach condition and budget.

How do they work?

Our beach cleaners work by aerating the sand and screening out dangerous debris under the surface, in addition to picking up surface litter.  The sand is immediately returned to the beach while the larger debris is removed.  We use interchangeable screen sizes that can be easily installed to ensure the most efficient clean for the specific conditions. 

Key features

  • Cleaning speed: 24km/hr (15mph)
  • Cleaning depth: 15.2cm (6 inches)
  • Screen sizes: 12mm and 18mm
  • Hire on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Frequency dependent on quality of sand, tidal environment, amount of debris and area to be covered.
  • We provide advice as to most efficient frequency.
  • We generally recommend multiple passes with different screen sizes to ensure maximum benefit from the cleaning works.

Marine Safety Facilities

Ecocoast manufactures and supplies a range of marine safety equipment and facilities for hotels and resorts, private and public beaches, private developments and other marine facilities.

  • Safety signage
  • Lifeguard chairs and cabins
  • Safety navigation: buoys and solar marine lights
  • Marine barriers: swimming enclosures, jellyfish nets, boat and jetski demarcation barriers and debris barriers
  • Rescue products