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Marine Piling in the UAE

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Marine piling differs significantly from land piling. Piling underwater is a much more complex matter, which is why it is important that only specialists undertake marine piling. As marine piling engineers, experts and environmentalists, you can rely on Ecocoast for onshore and offshore piling for the full scope of marine construction works. We have years of experience piling in the UAE coastal and marine waters, meaning we are fully aware of the local operating environments.

Our specialist marine piling team has a wealth of experience on a range of projects from marinas, berthing and overwater facilities, slipways, to smaller private pontoons and jetties. Using floating pontoons and barges, we can easily reach the most difficult locations where new piles need to be installed. We have our own plant and equipment capable of driving all sizes and lengths of tubular, H-Beam and sheet piles. From small to large scale marine piling works, we have the necessary equipment to suit your requirements. Our range of equipment consists of excavators, crawler cranes, vibro hammers, pontoons, spud and block barges.

A very special thanks to Big Project Middle East for sitting down with our Division Manager, Darko Matijas. Building On The Waters article - outlining the scope for marine piling in the local market - can be viewed here

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