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Dredging In Marine And Coastal Areas

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The activity of dredging has surprisingly been and continues to be a very important tool for social and economic development on a global scale. In particular, the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure upon which our worldwide economy and social well-being depends. We dredge for a number of different reasons:

  • Navigation: Since the very beginnings of the civilised world, we have heavily relied on the sea and waterways for the transportation of people, materials, equipment and commodities. In order to improve on efficiency and economising, over the years we have seen vast technological developments resulting in the construction of larger and larger ships. To accommodate these changes, it has been necessary to enlarge or deepen many of our water channels to allow access to ports and harbours. As touched upon above, waterborne transport is absolutely vital to domestic and international commerce.
  • Construction materials: An increasing amount of marine aggregate is being used in concrete and fill, including fill for reclamation projects.
  • Land reclamation: Pressures arising from population growth, and port and infrastructure developments in coastal areas have created a need to raise the elevation of low-lying areas and to construct new land areas. These kind of pressures are likely to continue.
  • Construction: For the creation of underwater foundations, facilitating the emplacement of pipelines or immersed tunnel elements, constructing flood control structures, etc.
  • Environment: Dredging can be undertaken to benefit the environment in several ways. Dredged materials are frequently used to create or restore habitats. Recent decades have also seen the increasing use of dredged materials for beach replenishment. Another environmental use of dredging has been in initiatives to remove contaminated sediments, thus improving water quality and restoring the health of aquatic ecosystems. This so-called remediation dredging can be used in waterways, lakes, ports and harbours in highly industrialised or urbanised areas.

We at Ecocoast Contracting LLC have been involved in a number of dredging projects throughout the UAE, utilising many different methodologies and equipment. If you would like more information on our services, please feel free to contact us.

Written by Kevin O’Donnell, Construction Manager at Ecocoast