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Development of Berthing Facilities | UAE

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Every time we hear the word 'marina' or 'berthing facility', the first thing most of us think about are luxury superyachts. However, superyachts are just one of the fragments that make marinas look luxurious and recognisable.

A marina is a facility for mooring, berthing, storing or securing of pleasure boats. It includes floating structures or dock spaces. A marina is usually placed/built within artificially or naturally protected areas located alongside of shorelines, creeks, channels or islands. Each marina is designed as per a developer’s requirements - as a large area for public or commercial use, or as a private mooring and berthing facility for pleasure boats within residential areas.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's leading countries in luxury tourism and has a large presence of luxury marinas as a consequence. Taking into account the number of registered vessels, you can find some of the world's biggest marinas in the UAE.

One example is a marina that was built on Dubai’s most recognisable landmark, Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah has berthing facilities floating on both sides of its trunk. Total capacity of the marina is 522 berths - it was the biggest marina in the world when it was built (in 2007).

Also, one marina that found its place among the world's top-10 marinas to experience is Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina is a 227-berth marina and can accommodate superyachts up to 150m. If you have a luxury marina, it is important to have some auxiliary buildings and facilities next to it as well. Taking this into consideration, one of the biggest attractions of Yas Marina is Yas Marina Circuit, home of Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Also, part of this luxury port is a Ferrari theme park and residential areas with villas, hotels and beaches.

Nearby Yas Marina is Al Bandar marina with 500m of floating pontoons that have as purpose to brake the waves, and are used as a floating breakwater to protect the berthing area. Total capacity of Al Bandar marina is 141 berths.

Another luxury marina you can find in Dubai is the one inside Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina Yacht Club has four separate marinas inside Dubai Marina with easy access to the Marine Promenade and numerous restaurants, bars, shopping mall, etc.

All marinas need to be anchored in order to stay in place. There are convectional steel anchors, gravity anchors, and many other types. Convectional steel anchors - as steel tubular anchors - are one of the most common anchors for anchoring floating pontoons. Gravity anchors are placed on the seabed, attached to anchor pontoons.

Ecocoast Contracting LLC is one of the market leaders in marina, jetty and pontoon installation and anchoring. We recently finished a project inside Dubai Marina, i.e. design and build four new separate berthing facilities for Dubai Marina Yacht Club. 

Written by Nikola Zutic, Technical Engineer at Ecocoast Contracting LLC