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Modular Cubi Pontoon: Applications in Dubai

| Categories Marine Infrastructure | Tags #pontoons #PortRashid #JBR #marine #Ecocoast

One of Ecocoast's many construction offerings is the design and installation of modular pontoon systems. Having extensive experience in the marine industry, the Ecocoast team has designed and installed a vast array of modular pontoon systems for events, recreational, commercial and private use. Combining the technical know-how of the aquatic team and the versatility of the modular pontoon system, give Ecocoast and its clients a very customizable and adaptable solution to many requirements. Examples:

  • JBR Modular Pontoon System: Due to several large storms passing through the Dubai coastline a permanent pontoon system was damaged beyond repair. Ecocoast was contracted to come up with a solution to provide the client with a temporary structure to utilize, whilst a more long-term decision was being made. Ecocoast used the existing tubular piles as anchoring points to replicate the square footage and layout of the previous finger pontoons. 
  • Port Rashid Dive Platform: One of Ecocoast's clients needed a rapid turnaround on a temporary, modular platform to store plant and diving equipment on, whilst anodes were being attached to tubular piles. Ecocoast was able to mobilize, assemble and install a 4m x 9m modular floating platform with handrails within 24 hours of the client's request. The hire was approximately 2 months long and enabled the client to work off a safe and buoyant platform, while completing the final deliverables of their project.

By: James Monsey