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Week Without Walls: Building an Artificial Reef

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This week we joined forces with Tawasul again as part of the Week Without Walls program organised by Gem’s World Academy.  The whole idea behind this part of the Week Without Walls program is to increase awareness among school children of the importance of protecting the marine environment and its resources.  We held a similar session last year with a group of school children which was around educating them on the benefits of artificial reefs in encouraging biodiversity. They worked together to develop a simple reef design.  This year, the objective of our session was to build and submerse an artificial reef off the coast of Jumeirah.  Lots of work outdoors and creativity required! 

We built two reef modules using a variety of recycled products and will monitor their effectiveness throughout the year. We used a lot of geosynthetics which should form a diverse environment for marine growth and in the future attract other species such as Hammour.

Our session with the students was followed by an Arabian Shark awareness project and then 2 days diving and beach clean-up in Musandam. Oh, to be at school again!