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Ramadan only - Our beach cleaning offer will end soon!

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Now's your chance to get that picture-perfect beach! To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, we are offering two months' FREE on our beach cleaning services when you opt for an annual contract.

Our promotion is available to clients signing up before June 23, 2017.

Get TWO months' FREE on your annual contract today! 

Take advantage of this special offer and call to discuss the details with our sales team. Our Ramadan office hours are: 8.30am till 3.30pm. 

Call 04 885 3944 or enquire by email

Ecocoast Joins The Endeavor Entrepreneurship Movement

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Our Managing Director, Lachlan Jackson, was recently unanimously selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur by a panel of seasoned business leaders from the US, Europe, MENA and Asia.

Endeavor is a non-profit organization that works to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. The global movement now supports 1,461 entrepreneurs leading 915 companies in 30 growth markets. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, generating billions of dollars in revenues, and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to identify those with the best talent and potential for impact. This May, Endeavor held its 71st International Selection Panel (ISP) in London where Lachlan Jackson was selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneur. 

As part of the Endeavor network, Ecocoast will gain access to comprehensive customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms.

Another great step forward! More here...

Download our ebook: A technical note on beach cleaning

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Our ebook starts by demonstrating the difference between cleaning and deep cleaning. Then, we walk you through a comparison of the performance and benefits of each type of machine: walk-behind versus self-propelled beach cleaning machine. Lastly, we give you an overview of all frequently asked questions clients have about beach cleaning. In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How Deep Cleaning Works
  • How To Get A Picture Perfect Beach
  • How To Save Costs On Beach Cleaning

Grab your free copy now!

Navigation Buoys – Now Available and Manufactured Close To You

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Ecocoast now offers the widest range of UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene navigation buoys in the region, specially designed for harsh UV climates such as the Middle East. The team has spent over 12 months conducting R&D to design and manufacture a product that offers superior quality and performance, coupled with competitive prices and short lead-times.

Our strong, durable navigation buoys are suitable for all types of marine environments and can be customized with solar lanterns, marks and mould-in graphics. They are highly visible, manufactured conform to IALA guidelines. Our 750mm diameter navigation buoy in particular has the highest focal plane height of any other buoy in its category. 

We distribute our buoys globally and provide installation and maintenance services regionally. We also provide technical support to assist with model selection and anchoring methodologies.

Discover more about our navigation buoys by visiting 

Beach Cleaning: Spot The Difference

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We are currently doing beach cleaning for different beach resorts and luxury residential communities on Dubai's manmade island of Palm Jumeirah. Cleaning 5-star resorts and residences is no mean task, as it requires considerable efforts in scheduling and taking care of the logistics among others.

We offer a cleaning regime that fits in with our clients' specific situations, covering both standard operating hours and after-hours. Our beach cleaning team is currently working between 85 and 90 hours per week to maintain safe and high quality beach areas and bring significant aesthetic improvements.

Our Cherrington beach cleaning machines remove the majority of material over 6 millimetres, leaving behind a smooth levelled and groomed finish. We had to upload these photos of a recent beach cleaning job on the Palm. Spot the difference. This is what we like...when we can see the difference we have made for our clients. Well done, team!

Our April Newsletter Is Out!

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Interested in knowing more about the effects of heavy winds and rains on beaches and coastal areas? Our April newsletter titled 'Coastal Change Hazards: How To Deal With Beach Erosion' is now available for you to view, talking about solutions that help control beach erosion and protect beaches from further deterioration.

Example of a beach resort set on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai Marina (pictured below). Background: Shamal season had caused significant erosion to the resort’s beach, and in particular, strong waves had begun to erode the hotel’s playground area. More about that here.

Beach Cleaning After Recent Bad Weather

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The recent bad weather has swept away significant amounts of sand from beaches, causing them to become slightly narrower and lower in elevation in some places along our shorelines. According to online sources, around 30,000 cubic metres of sand is lost every year due to these seasonal rains and winds that cause beach erosion. The sand is either being deposited offshore or moved inland out of the beach areas. With summer around the corner, beach erosion can become a serious concern for hotels and resorts that rely on beach-related tourism and recreation.

Regular beach cleaning and nourishment can make a vast difference to the aesthetics of a beach that has poor quality sand or small erosion scarps. Our beach cleaning service provides an end-to-end solution to ensure leisure seekers enjoy the experience that they deserve. All small and large debris is screened out (not raked!) above and below the surface to a depth of 200mm with our robust Cherrington beach cleaners. 

We recently acquired a new beach cleaner, Cherrington Model 5500 - a self-propelled, all-wheel drive with zero-turn radius. Our fleet now consists of three Cherrington beach cleaners that aerate the sand and screen out dangerous debris hidden under the surface, giving a deep down screened-clean beach. Click here to download the specs.

Besides beach cleaning, we also do beach nourishment and profiling, which is often coupled with beach cleaning to create wider beaches, reduce erosion scarp and sand loss, or replace poor sand quality. It is a cost-effective means of maintaining a high quality beach, especially if only small cosmetic improvements are necessary, budgetary constraints exist and a larger protection structure is not feasible.

Our beach protection services also include: installing buoys, demarcation barriers for safe swimming zones, protective barriers against pollution, sign boards and navigational aids. 

Just a snapshot of some of our solutions. Feel free to get in touch for further information. Call us at +971 4 885 3944 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

Marine Piling in the UAE

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Marine piling differs significantly from land piling. Piling underwater is a much more complex matter, which is why it is important that only specialists undertake marine piling. As marine piling engineers, experts and environmentalists, you can rely on Ecocoast for onshore and offshore piling for the full scope of marine construction works. We have years of experience piling in the UAE coastal and marine waters, meaning we are fully aware of the local operating environments.

Our specialist marine piling team has a wealth of experience on a range of projects from marinas, berthing and overwater facilities, slipways, to smaller private pontoons and jetties. Using floating pontoons and barges, we can easily reach the most difficult locations where new piles need to be installed. We have our own plant and equipment capable of driving all sizes and lengths of tubular, H-Beam and sheet piles. From small to large scale marine piling works, we have the necessary equipment to suit your requirements. Our range of equipment consists of excavators, crawler cranes, vibro hammers, pontoons, spud and block barges.

A very special thanks to Big Project Middle East for sitting down with our Division Manager, Darko Matijas. Building On The Waters article - outlining the scope for marine piling in the local market - can be viewed here

Planning marine piling works? Contact us today to speak to one of our experts to discuss your project.

Marine Event Services in the UAE

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Aside from marine construction, marine barrier and accessory supply, Ecocoast is heavily involved in a vast array of events throughout the UAE. Ranging from world-record breaking offshore fireworks displays to branded dance and sports events, Ecocoast has a tailor-made inventory of equipment and apparatus that can handle the most abstract of concepts and client requirements. By providing a service that gives the client the option to showcase in a completely different yet versatile medium other than dry land, means that their offerings to the public has increased dramatically.

Below is a selection of Ecocoast's equipment that is used on a regular basis for a variety of different events.

Plastic Modular Pontoon Units: The plastic modular pontoon units are an incredibly versatile product that allows us to assemble them in an indefinite variety of shapes and sizes to suit any requirement. The pontoons also have a very diverse range of accessories that can be fitted to them to extend their use further, such as, timber or steel decking, handrails, bollards, access ladders, rubber fenders and many more. The modular units have been used for events like fireworks displays, sporting competitions, dance parties and temporary boat mooring. 

TCB Landing Craft: TCB is a custom designed aluminium hulled vessel that can apply itself to a multitude of uses. The deck space in front of the captain’s cabin means that it is not only great for construction works but also for events. We have recently used TCB on our annual fireworks project to transport live fireworks to floating platforms, and also for a number of media projects where it was used as a camera boat. The camera and tripod were set-up on the deck to help produce a number of television commercials that went live. 

Steel Catamarans: These steel catamarans are custom designed and developed for offshore fireworks projects. The two tubular hulls provide great buoyancy in rough seas, and the top framework portion is fabricated in such a way that steel or marine timber decking can be applied. The pontoons were used to great effect on a number of the New Year’s fireworks displays up and down the UAE coastline. The lightweight construction means they are easy to mobilize and very quick to assemble. 

Consultation: Ecocoast has a team of Engineers who provide engineering and calculation consultancy services for high profile events. Buoyancy, stability and fluid mechanic estimations are among a few of the technical details that we get involved with, to ensure our client is operating as efficiently and safely as possible. For clients who do not have this technical know-how, Ecocoast can be contracted to carry out the number crunching as well as material supply and installation. 

Beach Preparation Works: Being a predominantly coastal region, the UAE has a lot of beaches that have huge potential for a wide variety of events and shows. Ecocoast has a fleet of specialized beach preparation equipment that is perfect for any public or private contract. We have used the machines to great effect on events, ranging from weddings to beach soccer events.

Temporary Barge Ramps: Using our in-house made geobags and geocontainers, Ecocoast is able to provide cost and time effective solutions for temporary barge ramps and moorings. Our beach preparation equipment, heavy plant equipment and product supply go hand-in-hand to enable us to offer a full turnkey solution to meet these requirements. Being a marine construction company means that we have a great deal of knowledge and experience to carry out these kinds of projects to the highest of standards.

Written by James Monsey, Project Manager. Contact James today to find out how he can assist you on your next sports, dance, fireworks or filming project. Call +971 4 885 3944.

Ecocoast Wins Yet Another Award

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We are delighted to announce that we are winner in the 2017 UAE Business Awards. We have recently been awarded for 'Recognised Leader in Specialist Marine Contracting 2017 & Excellence Award for Sustainable Development'.

UAE Business Awards are designed to celebrate the talent that has provided some of the best products and services in one of the largest influential business regions from across the globe.

The basis of the award is our environmental philosophy - Ecocoast is at the forefront of designing, constructing and installing practical, environmentally friendly, alternative marine structures and materials, in order to reduce the impact on marine or coastal environments.

More to come soon.

Static Load Testing of Marine Piles

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Regardless of their type, all piles are exposed to lateral, compression and tension forces. Depending on their purpose, they are tested for one or more of these to establish whether their actual capacity corresponds with the design requirements.

Since a designed pile capacity is essentially a set of calculations based on assumptions coming from a soil investigation report that was conducted in the vicinity of the pile, as well as on theoretical modelling of forces acting on an ideally installed pile, it is necessary to conduct tests in order to confirm those calculations.

Lateral Load Test

Marine piles are subject to lateral loads generated by current, wind, waves, berthing, mooring, etc. These are not always complementary forces, as for example, berthing impact can act in the opposite direction of a mooring rope force and never at the same time. However, the ones that can occur simultaneously and that are compatible, need to be taken into account and multiplied by an appropriate safety factor to determine the required pile capacity. Lateral load tests are very rarely conducted until failure. It is sufficient that the test proves that piles can sustain the load as per specification (often 150 or 200% of the designed working load).

The easiest way of laterally testing marine piles is by using Tirfor between two piles and pulling them together, thus applying the test loads. Pile displacement is then measured and results calculated. Another way is to push a pile from a stable reaction platform or from another pile, by using hydraulic jacks. In case of a major repetitive character of forces at work on piles, both pulling and pushing is applied.

Measurements are most commonly taken at two points – at the top of the pile and at the water level (preferably at low tide). That way a double-check of designed deflections in relation to bending moment is achieved.

Compression/Tension Load Test

Testing of marine piles for compression or tension (uplift) capacity is a bit more complex than testing them on the solid ground. For a start, the testing set-up must tackle the problems inherent to the marine environment, in particular the restrictions in size of the operational platform and the logistical problems arising from it.

The most common set-up for static compression and tension load tests is the use of reaction piles, on top of which heavy test beams are placed. Between the reaction piles, the actual test pile is located. Hydraulic jacks are used to apply the load on the pile, while the reading gauges measure the pile’s movement.

Especially with the uplift test, which represents the force of waves on a marine structure, it is important to cyclically load pile, either 25 times at the maximum test load, or 10 times per increment.

Results obtained by tests require proper interpretation. It is a common mistake to believe that there is any kind of universal standard for pile acceptance criteria. There are various specific guidelines as to what is deemed a failure load (load that exceeds a pile’s capacity). For example, it could be a settlement of more than 0.25mm per 10kN (1t), or a load at which net settlement exceeds 6mm, or a load at which settlement continues without a further increase in load, and so on. But, at the end of the day, it is the project’s specification documents that should determine the acceptance criteria, because the piles are, after all, project specific. 

Written by Darko Matijas, Division Manager at Ecocoast. To get in touch with our marine piling division, email Darko at or call +971 4 885 3944.

Beach Cleaning Works at Deira Island

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One of our beach cleaners was mobilized last week for beach cleaning works at Deira Islands. The Cherrington 5500 is a self-propelled, all-wheel drive beach cleaner with an AC cab.

Unlike small walk-behind models, our Cherrington machine works by aerating the sand, screening out debris under the surface, and removing debris on top of the surface. It operates up to 150-200 mm depth. The sand is immediately returned to the beach, while small and large debris is removed, including cigarette butts and plastic bottle caps - items most likely to be found on beaches as per EDA's Clean Up Arabia statistics.

Interested in seeing a comparison between raking and screening machines? Download our technical note HERE

Al Mamzar Slipway Construction

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Construction works to create a new slipway at Al Mamzar in Sharjah have almost ended. The slipway is approximately 14 metres wide and 47 metres long, and consists of various precast reinforced concrete elements. The structure contains two slopes to have sufficient water depth on the lower/launching area. Our team will be mobilised to start construction of another slipway within a few days. 

Interested in knowing more? Darko, Aleksa or Nik will be happy to take your call, just dial +971 4 885 3944 or email

Sustainability: Theme of 20th National Environment Day

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Make sustainability a way of life was the message Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, delivered on the occasion of the 20th National Environment Day (link to The Gulf Today article).

A challenge the construction industry faces today. Our mission - since the launch of our business -  is to keep on developing and promoting environmentally friendly marine structures, products and materials, in order to reduce the impact on the marine environment, protect our coastlines and rehabilitate what has already been affected by development. We do this in 3 primary ways:

1. By focusing on alternate methods to increase the lifespan of structures and materials, and seeking ways to repair and protect rather than replace. Examples: 

  • Our manufacturing arm, Ecobarrier, produces heavy-duty environmental barriers that are designed to be reused again and again, which saves them from ending up in a landfill after a single project.
  • We promote the use of marine pile sleeves that prolong the lifespan of tubular steel piles, so they do not require replacement as often.

2. By developing and supplying products to either protect or rehabilitate the marine environment. Examples:

  • Silt curtains for use during dredging projects to protect the marine environment.
  • Containment booms to help control the spread of accumulated rubbish, construction and other marine debris.
  • Oil booms to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge.

3. By working with non-traditional construction materials, such as geosynthetics, which have a lower environmental footprint than the more traditional materials. In certain instances, these structures have the dual benefit of providing coastal protection as well as a habitat for marine life through the growth of soft corals and seagrass, as they essentially turn into artificial reefs.

Alternative coastal protection solutions are a core of our business and a passion for us. Our goal is to encourage better construction methods and materials to protect the coastline and marine ecosystem. 

Beach Cleaning Demo At The Arabian Ranches

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We recently teamed with our partners at Hydroturf International FZCO to demo the beach cleaning performance of the Cherrington 440XL, a robust tractor-towed beach cleaner capable of using multiple sifting screens and a deep operating depth to truly deep clean sand.

An area of about 150m x 40m was screened, removing approximately 300kg of rocks, stones and other debris in less than 2 hours.

Unlike small walk-behind beach cleaning machines, the Cherrington 440XL removes small and large debris both above and below the surface and returns the sifted sand to the beach, achieving a thorough facelift. The machine makes it possible to maintain a cleaner, safer area of sand quickly, while improving the quality drastically.

The demo at the Ranches turned out to be a success. All attendees were impressed with the machine and see the benefits of what it can achieve. 

If you're interested in seeing the performance of our beach cleaners, please let us know, and we'll set up a live demo. Email James at or call 04 885 3944.

New Slipway Under Construction

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A new slipway is currently under construction in Al Mamzar, Sharjah, to transfer boats to and from the water. Our experience covers all works involved in the design, construction, maintenance and repair of slipways.

We are also specialised in other marine facilities, such as marinas, pontoons, quay walls, including marine piling and pile protection (more here about our UHMW-PE product). Our clients range from developers, contractors, operators and governments across the region.

Get in touch to know more! Call +971 4 885 3944 or email 

Geotextile Sand Containers: Calculator

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Alternative coastal protection structures using Geotextile Sand Containers (GSCs) are increasingly being designed and constructed both in the UAE and regionally, mainly because of their performance in different construction works and environmental conditions. This is as opposed to natural materials, such as rock, to protect the coastline. 

Because of the frequent requests from our clients, our Technical Engineer Aleksa Cavic, built a calculator to help you create graphs from your own data, offering different scenarios that assess waves, GSC size and stability.

The calculator for example shows the GSC size relationship with wave height, including a comparison between different models (Wouters versus Oumeraci et al.) and behavior between slope and crest (Oumeraci et al.), in order to create a stable structure and get maximum performance. All calculations are based on pre-defined dimension ratios, providing armour unit dimensions (influence of double layer still to be investigated). With this free tool, you can do your own calculations in less than 10 minutes.

Kindly note that the calculator is just a guide. It is important to be aware of limitations, fields of application and theoretical approaches, just to name a few. If you would like to know more, please contact Aleksa at +971 4 885 3944.

Don't forget to bookmark the page:

What do you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

New Year's Eve Fireworks

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For the third year in a row, Ecocoast was contracted to manage all marine works relating to the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Our marine event team worked hard during the Christmas break to finish the works on time, carrying out design, fabrication and installation of barges and floating pontoons at three very prominent locations: Downtown Dubai, Atlantis The Palm and Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah.

The fireworks displays were set off at midnight on December 31 at the various locations. The UAE - once again - mesmerised the world with a magnificent spectacle. Ecocoast was honoured to be part of another successful New Year's Eve fireworks event.

Happy 2017 to all of you!

Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative - CWAwards

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Marine Protection & Rehabilitation by Ecocoast was named Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative of the Year last Wednesday. Both our Managing Director, Lachlan Jackson, and Project Manager, James Monsey, attended the Construction Week Awards ceremony and gala dinner that took place at Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The event celebrates the achievements of the region’s construction contractors, seeking to recognise and reward individual excellence, corporate prowess and project success. Entries are judged by a large jury of industry peers, a factor which has given the Construction Week Awards an independent and credible reputation.

Ecocoast aims to protect coastlines and marine environments from the effects of development and global warming, doing this in three key ways:

  1. Focusing on alternate methods to increase the lifespan of structures and materials, and seeking ways to repair and protect rather than replace. 
  2. Developing and supplying products to either protect or rehabilitate the marine environment.
  3. Working with a lot of non-traditional construction materials, such as geosynthetics, which have a lower environmental footprint than the more traditional materials, such as rock, concrete and gabions. 

Lachlan commented: "It was great to be part of this industry event and be awarded this trophy. One of our goals is to encourage better construction methods and materials to protect our coastlines and marine environments, and rehabilitate what has already been affected by development.”

More here

Ecobarrier - New Website Now Live

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Our manufacturing division, Ecobarrier Manufacturing LLC, recently launched its new site. We are delighted to show you the new look and hope you like it as much as we do! -

Ecobarrier's aim is to become a useful resource for marine construction professionals and individuals who are interested in all things related to our industry. The site is built to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for.

Take a moment to explore the new Ecobarrier site. Make sure to go back on a regular basis to get the latest on our marine protection and demarcation barrier range, read the latest blogpost or download freebies from the Knowledge Hub.