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Ecocoast Contracting LLC provides specialist marine contracting and coastal protection services to developers, contractors, operators and governments across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Offering a complete turnkey solution, Ecocoast's services cover the full lifecycle of a marine or coastal project from development and protection, marine infrastructure, to operation and maintenance.

Ecocoast uses its coastal and marine expertise to fully understand each unique marine environment, and its practical experience to design and construct a holistic solution, best suited to the environment and its specific clients' needs.

Full Service

We use our specialist coastal expertise to fully understand each unique coastal environment, and then use our practical experience to work with our clients to design and construct a holistic solution, best suited to that environment and their needs.

  • Masterplanning
  • Survey and Modelling
  • Coastal protection construction
  • Beach construction and improvement
  • Coastal and marine facilities construction

Some of our clients

Coastal Protection & Improvement

  • Coastal management and protection strategies
  • Survey and modelling
  • Groynes, breakwaters and revetments
  • Dredging and beach nourishment
  • Beach construction, improvement and protection
  • Marine floating barriers

Marine Recreation & Leisure Facilities

  • Marinas & berthing facilities
  • Marine piling
  • Artificial reefs and dive paths
  • Navigation channels and markers
  • Swimming & boating barriers, jellyfish nets and marine signage
  • Special Event services (including fireworks)